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10 Best Beaches in South Africa

llandudno beach

South Africa is a multi-fascinated country with a rich history and a population of just over 60 million people. This vibrant country is a melting pot of diversity and cultural expression of people from all across the globe. South Africa is also known for being the largest meat producer in Africa and home to one of the oldest mountains on Earth, Table Mountain. 

Apart from being one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, South Africa boasts some of the most dazzling beaches. In this article, we will share a round-up of the ten best beaches in South Africa. 


1. Kommetjie 

Kommetjie means "small basin" in Afrikaans, one of the official languages of South Africa. Kommetjie is situated in the Western Province and lies halfway down the West Coast of South Africa. Also known as one of the most striking and longest beaches in Cape Town. 


2. Camps Bay

Recognised as one of the most famous beaches in South Africa and recipient of the Blue Flag status awarded in 2008, which is the world's most recognised eco-labels awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators. Camps Bay is known for its thriving beach community of surfers.


3. Muizenberg 

Muizenberg Beach has been a famed spot for some of the country's top surfers for more than 100 years. Located just within a stone's throw away from the picturesque hippie haven of Muizenberg, this beach is well known for its warm water and family-friendly atmosphere. 

muizenberg beach


4. Dolphin Beach, Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay is named after Captain Jeffrey, a sailor who sailed his cargo ship on the East Coast of South Africa in the 1840s. Apart from being one of the top surfing spots in the country and a prime entertainment beach. This windy town is the hub of the Calamari Industry in South Africa too! 


5. Llandudno Beach

No trip to Cape Town is complete without skinny dipping in the quiet and remote beaches in Llandudno. An affluent seaside suburb located on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula. This breathtaking Blue Flag beach is the epitome of relaxation and is known for its awe-inspiring white sands and adventurous surfing opportunities. 


6. Umhlanga 

If long stretches of sandy beaches and warm Indian ocean waters is what you are after. Umhlanga Beach promises this and more, located in the home of South Africa’s oldest and largest marathon, The Comrades Marathon. Umhlanga beach holds the bragging rights to Africa’s longest promenade. 


7. Gonubie 

Gonubie is a town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town offers scenic walks, beautiful beaches and top tier holiday accommodation. One of the most popular attractions of this hidden gem is its stunning beaches and long boardwalks. Where the ocean and river meet, enjoy quiet strolls against raised boardwalks that lead to beautiful waterfalls. 

gonubie beach


8. Durban South Beach 

As the name suggests, Durban Southbeach lies to the South of Central Durban. This gem promises golden sands and is a well sought after surfer's haven. Every year, Durban South Beach attracts thousands of crowds from all over the world. 


9. Clifton 

This off-leash dog-friendly beach is popular amongst locals and tourists alike, often residing in nearby luxury apartments. Clifton beach is named from 1st to 4th from North to South and should be on the bucket list of any traveller keen to sunbathe, swim or relax in this trendy haven of Cape Town's jet setters. 


10. Noordhoek

Although Noordhoek Beach is one of the less popular beaches in South Africa due to its cold water. Noordhoek beach still takes first prize for its rural atmosphere and rustic surroundings. Enjoy long strides of pure white sand ahead of you, horse riders gracefully passing by and the ebb and flow of waves. 

So, whether you are a solo traveller searching for a once in a lifetime authentic South African experience or a seasoned salty haired surfer looking for your next wave, visit South Africa for a fully immersive experience like no other.