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10 Best Nordic Beaches

nordic beaches

Visiting Nordic beaches may not seem like a natural choice for your next beach vacation. Swimming in the North Atlantic seas, after all, doesn't exactly evoke images of blue-green coastlines and falling coconuts.

What the Nordic beaches lack in palm trees makes up for some of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet. Western and Northern Norway beaches are regarded as some of the most pristine and beautiful in the world.

The Nordic beaches, which include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, are diverse. Whether you're searching for relaxing beach views, water sports activities, excellent bars, or fine cuisine, these magnificent Nordic beaches have it all. Check out our top 10 Nordic beaches listed below.


Top 10 Nordic beaches

Below you'll find our list of the 10 best Nordic beaches. As Norway comprises of Scandinavia's largest coastline, it's no surprise that it features the highest of number of beaches in our top 10.


1. Paradisbukta Beach (Norway)

What better way to begin our list of great Nordic beaches than with a sliver of paradise for us mere mortals to enjoy? Well, Paradisbukta is a Norwegian dialect that literally means "Paradise Bay."

Although it is one of the beaches closest to Oslo, Norway's capital, Paradisbukta attracts visitors from all over the world. The enthusiasm and excitement brought by visitors contribute to what makes this beach a must-see experience that will be difficult to top.


2. Reynisfjara  Beach (Iceland)

Is Iceland home to one of our favorite Nordic beaches? Yes, yes, and yes! Reynisfjara is one of Iceland's most famous and beautiful beaches. With its black sand beaches, massive rock outcroppings, and stunning basalt columns, Reynisfjara Beach provides breathtaking beauty!


3. Goladen Beach (Norway)

Looking for a real getaway? Try Goladen beach, a true hidden treasure of a beach. Goladen Beach is a bargain vacation for individuals who like less popular areas because it is located off the main path in Stavanger, so it doesn’t get many tourists.


4. Marielyst Beach (Denmark)

Marielyst Beach is one of a kind, having been chosen the best beach in Denmark by Rejseliv readers for several years in a row. The beach is a beautiful family beach with calm water and a variety of sandbanks and rocks.

best nordic beaches

5. Smedsuddsbadet Beach (Sweden)

Despite its difficult-to-pronounce name, this beach is considered one of Sweden's best, and it routinely features on lists of the most popular summer holiday spots. It is located within easy reach of downtown Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. A perfect spot for city dwelling beachgoers.


6. Yyteri Beach (Finland)

Finland offers a number of beautiful beaches, the most well-known of which is Yyteri Beach. Yyteri Beach is a 6-kilometer stretch of gorgeous white sand that is one of the longest in the Nordic countries.


7. Nymindegab Strand Beach (Denmark)

The seashore of Nymindegab Strand is a mix of stunning, wind-blown white sand and grassy dune areas. Nymindegab Strand, on Denmark's west coast, is unquestionably one of the country's most popular vacation spots.


8. Sudersand Beaches on Gotland (Sweden)

Sudersand, which is open all year, is maybe Sweden's most popular Baltic Sea beach. Boat rentals, activities, lodging, food, and stunning views are all available in the beach region.


9. Selje Beach (Norway)

Norway, by far, has some of the most beautiful natural wonders on the planet. Selje is no different. This beach is tucked away on the slope of a mountain, surrounded by lush farmland and a little village. It can get cold and windy so make sure you go prepared with a surf poncho.


10. Haukland Beach (Norway)

The Lofoten archipelago's Haukland Beach is unquestionably the area's most well-known sandy spot, making it a popular destination for both beachgoers and hikers. It's little surprise that it was voted Norway's best beach, with its crystal clear blue waters and mountains backdrop.