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5 Best Countries To Surf In

5 Best Countries To Surf In

With the oceans commanding over 70% of the earths surface, it's no wonder as surfers we're spoilt for choice when it comes to surf spots.

When comes choosing where to travel to on your next surf holiday one really has to look at it according to the three major oceans. The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. In this article we'll cover amazing surf spots in each of these three oceans.


When people think of surfing in Indo they immediately think of Bali. The legendary spots of Kuta, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Kuta and the adjacent island of Lombok.

However, there are a plethora of other incredible surf islands which form part of Indonesia. These include East Java (home of the infamous G Land), West Java, Sumatra and the Mentawais. 

These other islands are more outer lying which means accessibility usually involves a few long boat rides. The long slog to get there will be worth it in the end - uncrowded left and right point and reef breaks. Surfing in only a pair of boardshorts. Sounds like an Indian ocean paradise!


Morocco was first discovered in the 1960's when travelling hippies from the US and Australia came across the epic point break known as Anchor Point. Since then surfing in Morocco has steadily grown with the surf town of Taghazout becoming the epicentre for surfers from Europe.

Good waves can be found up and down the entire Moroccan coastline from Casablanca all the way down to Sidi Ifni. As it's on the Atlantic ocean, you'll need at least a 3/2 wetsuit to surf in Morocco. For some of the breaks like Anchor Point and Sadi surf booties are also advisable due to the rocky bottom.

taghazout surfing

South Africa

Found at the tip of the Africa, South Africa offers an incredibly diverse range of surfing. This is because it has the luxury of having both an Indian ocean and Atlantic ocean coastline. This also means you'l have access to both left and right point breaks. J-Bay is of course the most famous of all the waves in South Africa, but there are many other waves that rank right up there. 

Dotted along the coastline between Durban and Cape Tow are a range of cool right-hand point breaks that vary in terms of power and shape. Around Durban you can surf in boardies for most of the year, but as you start going start going south of Coffee Bay, a 3/2 wetsuit will be required.

Up the west coast of South Africa are an assortment of left-hand point breaks in very cold water all year round thanks to the Atlantic Benguela current. Be sure to have a 4/3 wetsuit at the ready. Compared to other surf destination South Africa still offers relatively uncrowded waves.

Costa Rica

This Pacific ocean gem offers up some of the best surfing in central America. Not only are the waves incredible but the entire country is insanely beautiful. With its progressive government Costa Rica has been leading the easy when it comes to environmental conservation and sustainability.

It's easy to tell because when one crosses the border into neighbouring central American counties, the diversity of fauna and flora diminishes almost instantly.

Although there are some surf spots on the Caribbean coast, the best spots lie on the Costa Rica's pacific coastline. Most of the waves are either point or beach breaks and with water temperatures hovering around 26-28 degrees celsius, doing 4-5 hour surf sessions becomes completely feasible.


We've left the best until last. Hawaii is ostensibly where it all started when it comes to wave riding, and so paying homage to surfings forefathers by featuring Hawaii in this article is only fair. Hawaii is actually made up of 137 islands, but Oahu and Maui are the two most well known for surfing. 

Maui for it's big waves at Jaws (Peahi) and Oahu for its 7 Mile Miracle on its North Shore. Within this 7 mile stretch surfers can ride some of the most epic surf spots in the world including Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Backdoor, Gas Chambers and Rocky Point. Most the surf spots on the north shore are reserved for advanced surfers who ride shortboards with traction pads.

If you prefer smaller, more mellow waves where you can ride a longboard then Honolulu can offer up some great spots in Ala Moana, Waikiki Beach, Ehukai and Sunset Beach. Being in the Pacific ocean Hawaii also has really warm water, making surfing in boardies a reality.

waikiki surfing


Chasing waves across the globe doesn't have to be the preserve of professional surfers. With the access to information we have in the internet age, anyone who has the time and money can do it too. Remember to always respect your fellow surfers in the lineup and don't snake snake anyone. Keep the stoke alive a great beach blanket!