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Accessories every beachgoer needs

Accessories every beachgoer needs

We love the beach, but it's also a very impractical place. With sand and sea everywhere, you need to make sure that you’re properly equipped. Without the right beach accessories, your day on the beach can get really messy.

Taking the right accessories to the beach will help you have a way more enjoyable time. There are certain items that are specially designed to make your life at the beach a lot easier, and they really make a big difference. Check out our guide to the best accessories that every beachgoer needs. These things will completely transform your beach days this summer.


Why beach accessories are important

Many people just arrive at the beach with a towel and some sunscreen, but there are all kinds of accessories that can make your time at the beach way more enjoyable. With the right beach accessories, you can always be prepared for different activities around the sand and sea. The beach isn't always the most practical place to do things, so having the right accessories will make your life a lot easier.

Great beach accessories are helpful, fun to use, and will impress your friends. Forget about leaving the beach with sand everywhere, the right accessories make sure your time on the beach is much more comfortable.

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The best beach accessories

Here is our list of must-have beach items and accessories that you need this summer.


Beach towel

This one is obvious but it’s an absolute essential. You just can’t go to the beach without a great beach towel. Instead of taking your worn-out old towel that’s been sitting around in your cupboard for years, improve your beach experience with something special - like this hundred-dollar bill beach towel

A great beach towel should be soft, big, and look good. Having an oversized beach towel will make all the difference after a swim in the ocean or if you just want to lay back on it under the sun. There are so many different beach towels that you can choose from, so why not choose one that shows off your personality.


Surf poncho

If you’ve never tried a surf poncho before, then your life's about to change. Surf ponchos are basically giant towels that you can wear. They’ve even got a hood.The purpose of a surf poncho is to keep you warm and dry as you get changed. Wear them while you get changed out of your wetsuit for a really easy changing experience. 

Surf ponchos offer total privacy while changing. Their soft and absorbent material keeps you dry, eliminating the need for a beach towel. The best surf ponchos are made from light and absorbent microfiber material for the ultimate experience.

Even if you don’t wear a wetsuit, having a surf poncho is always a good idea. There’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in one of these after a cold swim. You can wear them in the car home from the beach while you’re all wet and sandy, or you can just enjoy them as a beachy fashion accessory. Once you’ve got your loose-fitting, warm surf poncho on, you can happily chill in it for hours.

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Beach blanket

Forget about sitting on the beach and having everything you own covered in sand. Beach blankets offer a practical solution to relaxing in style. The right beach blanket should be made from completely waterproof material. This will keep you all of your beach belongings dry while keeping away the sand.

If you’ve ever had a picnic on the beach, then you know how difficult it can be to keep away the sand. Using a beach blanket is far more effective than a towel. It will give you a much larger surface area to sit on, and the clever choice of materials makes them more practical. 

There are all kinds of different beach blankets out there to match your personal style. Just make sure that your beach blanket is big enough, comfortable, easy to pack up, and practical for use on the sand.


Changing mat

Getting changed out of your wetsuit on the beach is a messy business. By the time your wetsuit is off, it will be totally covered in sand, and dragged on the floor, leaving you with a lot to clean up when you get home. Having a changing mat makes this tricky task so much easier. 

A wetsuit changing mat gives you a practical, sand-free surface to stand over while you take off your wet wetsuit or swimming costume. Once the wetsuit is on the changing at, you can close up the mat with drawstrings, and your wet wetsuit is neatly sealed in a waterproof bag, ready to go in the car. 

This is by far the easiest and most practical solution to taking off your wetsuit. With a good changing mat, you won’t be bringing home any more sand and saltwater from the beach.

changing mat

Beach Bag

A trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without a great beach bag. You need to have a beach bag that holds all of your items while protecting them from the sand and sea. Don’t just use any bag here, a good beach bag needs to be made from waterproof materials that won’t get damaged by the sand.

Beyond just being practical, your beach bag should also show off your personal style. You can get beach bags in all kinds of colors and designs. 

Make sure that the bag you choose is durable, spacious, and easy to use. When you’re on the beach, you don’t want to worry about lots of compartments and zippers. You just want to be able to easily throw everything into a bag.



If you love going to the beach for whatever reason, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these items. The right accessories will help you to be far more comfortable on the beach and have more fun. Try out the accessories listed above, and your beach experience will be taken to the next level!