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How to draw a surfboard

how to draw a surfboard

Want to know how to draw a surfboard? Surfboards may have a basic shape, but drawing a perfect surfboard requires you to get all of the lines and angles laid down perfectly. This can be tricky to do, so following the right steps is important if you want your surfboard drawing to come out perfectly. 

Whether you’re drawing a surfboard for fun or for a professional illustration, follow this quick and easy guide to help you draw it properly.

Drawing materials 

When you learn how to draw a surfboard, there are a couple of essential materials you’ll need for getting started. Make sure that you have the following:

  • A sheet of paper (A4)
  • A pen
  • A pencil
  • A marker
  • An eraser
  • Brush markers or watercolor pens if you want to add color. This is optional.

How to draw a surfboard: step by step

Ready to learn how to draw a surfboard? Whether you’re an adult or a child, this is a great technique for drawing your first surfboard. The board we’re going to draw is a swallowtail shortboard with a fin, but you can use the same basic steps and customize the board however you like. 

Follow these simple steps to learn how to draw a surfboard the right way:

Step 1: Start by using a pencil to create the outline of the board. This is the most important part of your surfboard drawing, so take your time and do this carefully. First, draw the outward curve of the board from the nose (top) to the tail (bottom).

Step 2: Next you need to draw the inward rail. When doing this, make sure that you leave a space open for the tail.

Step 3: Now we have the shape of the board, but we need to give it some volume. To do this, draw a curved line that runs parallel to the far outer edge of the inward rail. This will add a sense of depth.

Step 4: Now it's time to add in the tail. We will be drawing a swallow, which is W-shaped. To do this, connect both of the curved lines at the bottom of the surfboard at a point that faces inwards.

Step 5: Now you add in the stringer. Simply draw a line down the direct center of the board, from the nose to the end of the tail.

Step 6: Your board already has depth, so now you can add in your fin. Draw in the fin sticking out from underneath the board. This should be poking out near the tail.

Step 7: That’s it, now your basic surfboard drawing is complete! To take the surfboard drawing to the next level, you can add some designs to the board. Let your creativity take control and add in whatever kind of designs you want to see. You could also add in a logo near the top of the board, or even draw on a grip pad at the lower end of the deck.

Step 8: Finally, you can add some color to the surfboard. This is optional, but it will help the patterns and design elements on the board stand out. Again, get creative and think about the colors of a summery day on the beach.

how to draw a surfboard

Tips and tricks for drawing a surfboard

Learning how to draw a surfboard is a fun activity for all ages. Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind when you draw your surfboard:

  • Always start with a pencil. You can erase any mistakes you make and then go over the final design with a black pen once you are happy with the lines. 
  • If you will be coloring the surfboard with brush markers or watercolors, make sure that the paper is suitable for this. Colors and paints will require a thicker type of paper.
  • Once you get the hang of drawing surfboards, you can start to add in extra details, like a surfer riding the board, waves, or the surfboard stuck in beach sand.
  • You can also use this surfboard drawing technique for longboards, or boards with different tail styles. For a longboard, make the nose more rounded, the sides longer and more vertical, and the tail rounded or slightly flattened.


And there you have it, the simple guide to drawing a surfboard. Drawing a surfboard is easy and fun, you just need to follow the right process. By following the steps above, you will soon be drawing surfboards like a pro!