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The 10 best destinations for sea kayaking

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Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore a coastline, connect with nature, and enjoy being outdoors. Luckily for sea kayakers, there are all kinds of amazing destinations to paddle and discover. 

From icy glaciers to tropical beaches, dramatic fjords, and Mediterranean islands, amazing sea kayaking destinations come in many different forms. All around the world, paddlers can explore unique and unforgettable destinations. Here are our top 10 best destinations for sea kayaking. 


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is well-known for being a watersports paradise. The country is full of unique and unspoiled biodiversity, which can be enjoyed across the various reserves, beaches, jungles, and mangrove forests. Of course, this all comes together to create an incredible sea kayaking destination.

Damas Island is one of the best kayaking locations in Costa Rica. There are many narrow waterways around this island that head through mangrove forests full of monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife. The Golfo Dulce is another dream kayaking spot where you can paddle alongside dolphins while enjoying views of the rainforest. Costa Rica has two magnificent coastlines, the Pacific and the Caribbean, so sea kayakers here are spoiled for choice.

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Alaska offers expansive unspoiled wilderness, and its coastline is an unforgettable destination for kayaking. The Kenai Fjords are a particularly worthwhile Alaskan kayak destination. These fjords encompass the massive Harding Icefield, offering some of the most magnificent natural scenery.

When paddling along the coastline, kayakers in Alaska can spot wild moose, otters, brown and black bears, seals, and even humpback and killer whales. There are various national parks around the Alaskan coast with protected waters, so there is plenty of untouched wildlife to take in. You can cruise past glaciers, experiencing some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the world.



The coastline of Mexico is enormous, so there are loads of opportunities for sea kayaking. One of the best places, however, is the Sea of Cortez. This sea is found just off the Baja Peninsula, and it’s a world-famous destination for paddling amongst marine wildlife. 

Kayakers can spot 30 different types of marine mammals here, as well as around 900 fish species. The Baja coastline is full of picture-perfect beaches to paddle between. There are also some beautiful nature reserves to paddle through, like the Islands of Loreto Bay National Marine Park, or the Isla San Jose.



If you want to paddle alongside whales, then Canada is the destination to visit. Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a particularly worthwhile kayaking spot for its whale watching. 

You can find humpback whales, orcas, pacific gray whales, sea lions, porpoises, sea otters, and more. Let’s not forget about the amazing mountain landscapes in the background. Other top kayaking destinations in Canada include the Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park. 



Crystal clear water, rocky island landscape, and charming Mediterranean villages make Greece a perfect kayaking destination. The island of Crete is one of the best kayaking destinations in the country, with a magnificent 650-mile coastline. 

Kayakers can paddle between many hidden coves and caves, stop on pink sand beaches, and explore historic towns before paddling to the next one. 



Croatia, with its famous Dalmatian Coast, has got to be one of the greatest sea kayaking destinations out there. The Dalmatian Coast offers endless islands, beaches, reefs, and rocky coastlines to discover. In fact, there are over 1200 islands and islets between Croatia and Montenegro. 

The water is warm and turquoise, and there are many ancient towns to admire along the way. Sea kayakers will also love how calm and generally boat-free the water is.


Any visitor to Vietnam eventually ends up at Halong Bay, one of the country's best tourist attractions. And there’s no better way to explore Halong Bay than by kayaking around it. 

Kayakers can explore everything that Halong Bay has to offer, without having to be stuck with all of the many tourist boats and typical sights. You can paddle all around this special bay, exploring the many hidden islets, caves, and lagoons. You can even paddle right into some unique floating fishing villages.

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Paddling around the scenic islands and deep fjords of Norway is any kayaker's dream. There are loads of areas around Norway for an unforgettable kayaking experience. The Lofoten Islands within the Arctic Circle are one of the best places. The islands consist of dramatic mountains that dip into the ocean, lined with white sandy beaches. 

Of course, there is plenty of marine life to see, including whales. From the fishing villages to the awe-inspiring fjords, Norwegian kayaking destinations offer unmatched views around every corner.  



Scotland boasts some of the finest rugged scenery in the world. The West Coast of Scotland is a spectacular place for sea kayaking, with its amazing rock formations, historic landmarks, and many beautiful islands.

Scotland has a great deal of marine life to discover, including otters, seals, seabirds, and more. You can pull into deserted beaches, and even paddle to a whiskey distillery for a warming break.



France is an essential European kayaking destination. The country has a stunning coastline to paddle, with many hidden coves and beaches to explore. The Verdon Gorge, a deep canyon, is one of the most famous destinations to kayak in France. With enormous limestone cliffs and sparkling blue water, this is a truly unforgettable place. 

The island of Corsica is another kayaking dream, with its crystal clear water, secluded coves, and magical Mediterranean scenery around the entire coastline.



Sea kayaking allows you to explore a coastline that could be otherwise inaccessible. This means you get to see all kinds of rare sights, while fully immersing yourself in nature. Imagine drifting past enormous fjords, paddling alongside lush rainforests, or discovering secret sandy beaches. 

Kayaking allows you to experience the great outdoors in the best way possible, and these 10 destinations are some of the best places on the planet. If you love sea kayaking, then you’ll definitely want to add these places to your bucket list. If you own a kayak and want to preserve its lifespan then we strongly suggest buying a kayak cover