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The coolest surfing tricks

The coolest surfing tricks

Surfing is an action-packed sport. The techniques and tricks of surfing can be learned in many different ways. The tricks range from simple beginner maneuvers to more advanced tricks done by professionals. Progressing as a surfer involves learning new tricks to bring to the waves.

Once you have mastered the basics, such as duck diving and popping-up, you can experiment with new manoeuvres to take your surfing to the next level. Taking surfing lessons is a great way to keep challenging yourself in the water while learning some really cool moves. 


Top 9 Surfing Tricks

Do you want to learn some new manoeuvres to advance your surfing skills? We have compiled a list of some of the best surfing tricks for you to shred the waves like a pro.


1. Barrel Riding

Riding the barrel or tube is generally considered to be the holy grail of surfing tricks. An example of this is when the rider goes deep into the hollow center of a breaking wave. Surfers are covered by the wave's curled lip when it breaks.

To ride tubes, you will need to maintain a good speed and direction. You should get down low, possibly grab the rail of your board, stay above the line of the white water, and enjoy the ride. Some of the best tube riding can be seen at certain stops on the WSL such as Pipeline and Teahupoo.


2. The Bottom Turn

Despite not being the most exciting surf trick to witness, it's the foundation for all surf moves. Before you can learn other tricks, you must master a solid bottom turn. 

Keeping a steep line during the bottom turn is essential for catching a wave. Stay low and bend your knees at the bottom of the wave. Maintain a good pace while putting pressure on your toes and twisting your board. It sets you up for any surf tricks that follow.


3. Floater

For intermediate surfers, the floater is a firm favourite. Just before the wave breaks, you ride straight over the foamy section or lip of the wave. As opposed to a sharp turn as in other maneuvers, a floater is performed horizontally. Surfers can go straight over breaking sections of waves instead of circling around them. 

floater surfing trick

4. The Cutback

One of the most essential surf tricks is the cutback. Changing your direction and slowing down your pace are the key to this move. The surfer moves from the shoulder to the pocket of the wave, or the steeper section to perform the ideal cutback.

At the top of the wave, you place weight on your back foot, bring your left hand down, and press the left rail into the water. After that, the surfer does a kind of twist to change direction.


5. The Snap

The surfer raises his board halfway over the top of the wave after turning up to the top of the wave. Your back leg is used to push away with your shoulders turned towards the wave. You should do this on a steep wave with enough speed. 


6. Off the Lip

The board takes a vertical angle off the lip of the wave in this top turn. On a wave that is steep, the surfer's board will emerge straight from the water off the lip. Immediately after turning the board back down, the surfer rides back down the face of the wave. 


7. Hang Ten

On a longboard, nose-riding is a classic trick. When surfing a wave, the surfer moves up to the tip of his or her board. It is also called a hang ten since you are ideally hanging all ten toes off the front of the board.

nose riding

8. Airs

In the last few years, air manoeuvres have become very popular among surfers. As you can guess from its name, this is when the surfer jumps out of the water and into the air. Airs work best on waves around 2-3 feet where you can launch right off the lip and land right back on the wave. 


9. 360

As the name implies, this is when you rotate in a full 360-degree circle on the wave. This move requires quite a lot of speed while you drive the board towards the lip of the wave. You then shift the weight across as your legs and hips drive the 360 rotation.



Surfers invent new tricks all the time, so there are plenty out there. Listed above are some of the most classic moves for intermediate to advanced surfers to master.

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to surfing, so trying out new tricks and maneuvers is always a good idea. By learning a few impressive tricks and learning more about surfing, you'll be able to widen your horizons as a surfer.