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Beach Blanket

The best beach mat

Relax in style with this large and beautifully designed beach blanket. It's made from water-resistant, parachute nylon which helps it fend off sand and remain dry. It measures 200cm x 140cm and comes with a set of pegs which help secure it in place. The beach mat also comes with a handy stash bag which makes packing a transporting it an absolute a breeze.


What is a beach blanket?

A beach blanket is used to for beach picnics and general relaxing on the beach. They come in all kinds of different sizes and the good ones are waterproof and sand-proof.

Beach blankets are available in all kinds of different colours, designs, and materials. They can pack down into compact, lightweight bundles making them easy to transport.

Putting a beach mat down on the sand gives you the perfect little base for relaxing after a surf or swim. It can serve as a convenient groundsheet when out camping or chilling anywhere outdoors. A beach mat also protects your body from the hot sand which can be a real problem in the late afternoon when the beach sand has had a chance to warm up.

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Types of beach blankets

Beach blankets come in various styles and designs. While these items all serve the same general purpose, there are a number of different types available. 

Some blankets offer a single weatherproof layer, while others offer two or three padded layers for extra comfort. Some feature soft fleece covers while others are covered with a more robust waterproof material. Many beach blankets also combine both of these – with a fleece layer and a waterproof layer.

How the beach mat folds down is also an important attribute. Some are thin and light enough to shove into a stuff sack, and others fold up a little larger and have to be strapped together with built-in straps. 


What to look out for when buying a beach blanket

Although these are pretty simple outdoor accessories, different types of beach blankets can vary greatly. Below are some of the most important considerations when buying a beach blanket. 


Beach blankets are usually rather large and generally accommodate around 4-6 people. The size of the blanket you choose will ultimately depend on your needs. Larger blankets allow on to spread out more but are bulkier to carry around. With smaller blankets the converse is true.


Like with a surf poncho the material used is possibly the most important consideration when buying a beach blanket. For use on the beach, you will need something that is sand-proof and waterproof. Preferably, the material must also be easy to clean. It must also able to withstand long hours in the sun.

Some blankets offer enhanced comfort through thick layers and soft fleece, but they are more difficult to carry. Others may be thinner and less cushioned, but they offer greater durability and also offer water-resistance. 

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If you are going to be carrying your blanket down to the beach often, or taking it on hikes, camping trips, and outdoor holidays, then an important factor is portability. The size the blanket packs down into will determine its portability.


The blanket will need to be comfortable if you want to sit on it for long periods of time. If you plan on taking many picnics, or relaxing on the beach extensively like you would with a beach towel, then make sure that the blanket is thick and soft enough to keep you comfortable for protracted periods.


Benefits of beach mats

Beach blankets have a variety of benefits, many of which are often overlooked. Here are the three main benefits to using a beach mat.


Beach blankets can be used for a variety of different outdoor activities. You can use them for day trips such as hiking or even multi-day camping trips. They’re also ideal for concerts and other summer festivals.

Cool design and colorways

If you choose the right brand of beach mat like the one we sell here at Surf Gear Lab, then you'll have the luxury to select from a wide array of cool colors. From the funky and bright to more dark and conservative.


Most modern beach blankets are made from light and highly durable fabric, which makes packing and carrying them to and from the beach a hassle-free endeavor. Be sure to research thoroughly when looking for a lightweight beach mat.

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It's lovely going down to the beach to relax. Having a picnic on the beach is often the pinnacle of a trip to the beach. However, beach sand can often pose issues when it comes to keeping your belongings clean. A beach mat is a simple and effective solution to this problem

A beach blanket will not just only keep sand off your belonging but it will also help keep your belongings dry from wet sand. Any trip to the beach which will involve sitting for extended periods should include a beach blanket.



Are beach blankets necessary?

It really depends on how much time you spend on the beach and how you spend this time. If you enjoy sitting on the beach or having a picnic on a fairly regular bases, then a beach blanket is a must. It's even a worthwhile accessory for the more casual beachgoer.

What makes a beach mat good quality?

A good beach mat needs to be waterproof, sandproof, and durable. They should be lightweight, easy to pack up and clean.

What kind of blanket is good for a picnic?

The ideal beach blanket for a picnic need to be durable and weatherproof. It also should be easy to wipe clean, and easy to carry around.

What makes a beach mat sandproof?

The most common sandproof beach blankets are made from parachute nylon like the one we sell here at Surf Gear Lab.

How big should a beach blanket be?

They should be a minimum of 180cm in length and 100cm in width. Anything smaller and you won't be able to fit many people on it. With nylon beach blankets being made from such thin material you can size up substantially.


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