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Sea Scooter

Best underwater scooter

Have a blast this summer with a sea scooter! Also known as water scooters, they seamlessly propel you through the water. Sea scooters can be enjoyed by scuba divers, swimmers, adults and children. Suitable for use in the ocean and fresh water lakes, ponds and pools. A great way to dive underwater to see marine life without expending too much energy.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Size: 597 x 372 x 311 MM
  • Material: PVC
  • 300W Voltage Motor: 110V/220-240V
  • Socket: US/EU Package
  • Included: 1 x underwater propeller 

What is a sea scooter? 

A sea scooter provides the optimal solution for propelling swimmers or divers through the water. They are battery operated handheld devices that feature one or two propellers. Most sea scooters move at a speed of 4-7 km/h. A water scooters can be easily held by the diver or swimmer whilst moving through the water.

The main advantage to using a sea scooter is the energy saved on swimming and paddling. For scuba divers, this can also mean saving the requisite energy on breath allowing you to travel further and enjoy more time underwater. 

Sea scooters can also come to the aid of swimmers who may be paddling an ocean or river current. Whether you use a water scooter in fresh or salt water, for advanced diving or just playing about, they will offer hours of fun regardless. The fluidity of being propelled underwater without having to kick or paddle at all is a truly sensational feeling.

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The history of the underwater scooter

The invention of the sea scooter was inspired by human torpedoes dating back to World War Two. These were weapons used in the war primarily by Italy. They involved slow-moving torpedoes steered by underwater divers. The sea scooter follows a similar idea of propelling divers underwater. Except that they used to increase diving range rather than inflicting harm on an enemy.

A number of other pieces of equipment have been invented throughout history that could be attributed to inspiring the invention of the sea scooter. These include sub-skimmers (a kind of submersible boat), swimmer delivery vehicles used by the navy, wet subs (a type of small submarine), and towed sleds. 

Towed sleds are the most similar to a water scooter in as much they also move divers over great distances underwater. The difference is that they are boards towed by a boat as opposed to being independently powered. 

Over time the recreational sea scooters emerged to provide a viable option for leisurely use. Thanks to a plethora of inventions of the past, mostly used by naval forces, today’s underwater scooters are affordable, effective and most importantly a lot of fun to use.

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What to look for when buying a sea scooter

There is a wide range of sea scooters on the market each with their own set of benefits. Depending on what you will be using the sea scooter for, and how serious a diver or swimmer you are, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some important things to look out for when buying a water scooter. 


A sea scooter that can travel faster means that you will be able to cover greater distances. Any serious long-range divers will want more power. This will help you to get the most out of the devices running time as well. 

Beginner models like the we sell here at Surf Gear Lab start with speeds of around 3km/h. This is perfect for first-timers or those who are just looking to have fun in the water and don't need to move great distances. As the sea scooters get more expensive, they become faster and more powerful. The speed and power that you choose depends on your level of diving.  

Running Time

Water scooters are battery powered, meaning that choosing one with a good quality battery is imperative. It's also important to check the voltage that the motor operates on as this will impact running time as well. A benchmark is 300 watts. Having a good idea of the running time of your sea scooter will determine the kind of use that you can get from it and the limitations it will have. 

An entry-level sea scooter will usually have a battery life of around 40-50 minutes. More discerning divers may prefer one with a lifespan of around 120 minutes though. This will work better for deep-sea dives covering long distances. 


The primary function of a water scooter is for it to perform underwater, so an important buying factor is the depth which you can take it underwater. Sea scooters can range from being able to travel depths of 15ft tall the way to 230ft. The model you choose will depend on the type of diving you'll be doing. If the sea scooter is purely for leisurely use with or without a wetsuit, then a lower depth range will work perfectly.

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How does a sea scooter work?

Sea scooters are handheld, battery-powered devices that propel the diver/swimmer forward using a motor. They are controlled using an accelerator button, and can be easily steered with your arms. These devices do not release any emissions. 

How do you use a water scooter?

Swimmers or divers simply hold out the sea scooter away from their body and let the propellor thrust them forward. These devices have a switch and sometimes also use a speed control system. They are battery powered and rechargeable. 

Are sea scooters worth the money?

Although these gadgets can get pretty expensive, they will transform any diving or swimming experience. Sea scooters allow you to travel much greater distances underwater, save energy easily spent on breathing, and ultimately allow you to see more.

Are sea scooters dangerous?

Sea scooters are not dangerous themselves. What you do need to be cognizant of is how deep underwater you will take your water scooter. Moreover you'll need make allowances for whether you'll be using it as a freediver or a scuba diver. If you are indeed freediving with it, make sure you always have enough breathe left to get back to the surface of the water.

How fast does a sea scooter travel?

On average sea scooters travel between 4 and 7 kilometers an hour. Some more advanced sea scooters can travel a little faster.

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