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Soft Surfboard Roof Rack

Best surfboard rack

The most convenient surfboard roof rack ever made. Super easy to set up and even easier to dismantle. Packs down to less than 100cm long for easy storage. Can comfortably take two longboards.


  • Universal Fit - fits on any car, truck, van or SUV
  • No roof bars or gutters required - simply strap up and go
  • Durable foam padding - protect your vehicles roof and the boards being transported
  • Convenient for storage - packs down very small for storage in the trunk
soft surfboard car rack

What is a surfboard roof rack?

It's a device that fits onto a car that enables one to easily transport a surfboard. There are any types of surfboard car racks, but broadly speaking there are both hard and soft racks.

Hard racks are better suited to those looking for a long-term solution where they can simply leave the racks on their car. Soft surfboard car racks are ideal for those who'll be using them more infrequently, and would prefer to pack the racks away after each use.


What to consider when buying surfboard car racks

There are a few important aspects to consider before jumping straight into a purchase.

Car type

We don't mean the make or model of your car, but rather whether your car has roof bars or rails which make it conducive to hosting roof racks. If it doesn't then you won't be able to buy a traditional roof rack and will instead need to get a soft roof rack.

surfboard roof rack


In the case of a hard roof rack, the metal used should be a rust-proof alloy and ideally the top of the rack should have some kind of rubber extrusion which provides padding and grip to the board when it's laid across it.

For soft surfboard car racks, the padding should comprise of a good quality and dense foam encased in a weather proof and highly durable fabric. The straps should be stretch resistant and crocodile clips should hold the straps in place without any slippage.



Can I transport my surfboard without car racks?

It depends on the size of your board and car. In many cases it's possible to fit a shortboard inside a car. Alternatively you could cycle to the beach and use a surfboard bike rack.

Tying a surfboard to the top of your car without using a proper roof rack will most likely prove to be a futile endeavour with the board eventually sliding off the car once you reach a high enough speed on the road.

How can I tell if my car can accommodate traditional roof racks?

If your car has roof bars or rails you'll be able to install traditional roof racks. If not, then soft surfboard roof racks are the solution.

Are soft surfboard car racks any good?

Yes, they do the job just fine. Moreover, the benefit to using them is that can be easily taken off your car and packed away after each use.


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