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Surf Poncho

This premium, microfiber surf poncho is the perfect changing accessory when down at the beach. It's super-soft, offers high water absorption and also looks damn cool! Choose from 4 different acrylic pour colorways. It's quick-drying fabric means you'll only have to hang it up for a few hours and it'll be ready to use again. The ideal accessory for any ocean enthusiast. Size: 110 cm long by 75cm wide. One size fits all.

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What is a surf poncho?

A surf poncho is basically a loose fitting robe that allows you get changed in public. It's a changing towel for surfers and other ocean enthusiasts. They provide ocean goers a convenient way to change on the beach or in the parking lot while still maintaining privacy. Surf changing ponchos fit loosely and offer total comfort and warmth and after a long surf session.

A lot of surfers even wear them to hang out in after a surf or on their drive back from the beach. Over the years they have become somewhat of a surf fashion accessory in their own right.

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Surf Poncho uses

Apart from being used as a changing robe, surf poncho's are a great piece of clothing to simply relax in. Lot's of surfers will throw them on after a surf session and chill in them for several hours. A lot of surfers use them to keep warm in between surf sessions. This is really nifty as it saves a lot of time getting dressed and undressed.

Surf changing ponchos also replace the need of a beach towel. By simply putting the surf poncho on your body you will dry off in the process. Microfiber ponchos like the one we sell here at Surf Gear Lab are excellent at water absorption and make the use of beach towels completely redundant. 


What to look out for when buying a surf changing poncho

There are a wide variety of factors to take into account when deciding to buy a surf poncho towel. It's important to know what these are so that you can make an informed purchase decision.


Most surf poncho's are one size fits all. Nevertheless if your height deviates rather far from the average human height of 1.65m then you should consider the implications of having a surf poncho that may either be too big or too small.


The material of a surf poncho is another important consideration. You want something that is soft, warm and ideally also highly absorbent. The poncho is what you will get changed into straight after a cold session in the ocean, so having top quality material is key. Microfiber material is considered to the best when it comes to durability and comfort.

Water Absorption

A surf poncho is not only about comfort, privacy and durability. They can also act as a highly absorbent towel. Once again microfiber material is superior when it comes to the absorption of water.


The thickness of the surf towel poncho does not necessarily equate to quality. Thicker ponchos can be warmer and more snug. However, microfiber ponchos which are made of thinner material can be lighter and less cumbersome to wear. Thicker surfing ponchos can take up more space, take longer to dry and carry more dirt over time.

Thinner surf poncho towels often lack the warmth one is looking for on those cold, winter days. You need to choose the right thickness poncho based on your exact surf changing requirements. We personally believe microfiber surf ponchos are better than thick and heavy ponchos, even though they may be warmer.


Regardless of the thickness of the surf poncho towel, another question you should be asking is how warm the poncho is going to be. Microfiber poncho's tend to offer an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, making them a popular choice amongst travelling surfers.


Let's be honest, how the changing poncho looks is also very important. This is a surf accessory after all. Some surf poncho's have very cool designs and patterns on them, others, like our poncho are more minimal in their design ethos.


Coming out of the water after a surf session into cold weather can be rather unpleasant. The worst part is having to take your wetsuit off and get your clothes back on. Having a top-quality surf towel hoodie will make this experience far more pleasant.

Simply throw it on over your wetsuit, take your wetsuit off and put your clothes on. It's that easy. Whilst doing this, the changing robe will be absorbing the water on your body, meaning you won't have to dry off with a towel.



Why should I buy a surf poncho?

A surf poncho makes changing out of your wetsuit a seamless activity. They also keep you warm and dry and are very comfortable to wear. 

What size surf changing poncho should I purchase?

Most ponchos are one size fits all. Because they fit very loosely, fussing over a precise fit is not necessary. 

Are surf poncho towels water proof?

Most surf ponchos are not waterproof, but rather water absorbent. If you are going spend time outside in your surf poncho when it's raining we recommend that you wear a waterproof jacket over it.

Are surf ponchos worth it?

Categorically yes. They keep you warm and dry, and remove need of using a changing room. Moreover, because of their water absorption capabilities they eliminate the need to carry a towel when you go surfing.


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