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Surfboard Bike Rack

Make travelling to the beach a breeze with the top-quality surfboard bike rack. It's super-easy to install. Simply attach it to the seat post of your bike. Based on the dimensions of this bike rack it's only suitable for surfboards under 8ft long. 

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What is a surfboard bike rack?

Surfboard racks for bikes are used to transport a surfboard on a bicycle. They are special racks that mount onto the side or back of a bicycle. A surfing bike rack is designed to keep your surfboard held tight against your bike while still offering enough space for you to pedal and steer your bike.

There are surfboard racks for bikes made to fit any kind of bicycle, and they can carry all shapes of surfboards. These are durable and robust products that have been designed with the travelling surfer in mind.

A surf bicycle rack is guaranteed to make transporting your surfboard a joy rather than a hindrance. Many people try and carry their surfboards while riding or surfskating. This may be okay if your journey to the beach is a short one.

However, surfboards can be cumbersome and awkward to hold making longer journeys a real pain. Steering through traffic or heading down hills can be seriously tricky if your surfboard is not properly secured. It's not difficult to find someone who has come a cropper when carrying their surfboard on their bicycle.

Not only do surf bicycle racks make cycling easier, but it also becomes safer as your peripheral vision is not encumbered in any way. Moreover, your board will be better protected, and the risks of it falling and getting dinged or scratched are lowered substantially.

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What to consider when buying a surfing bike rack

On the face of it, a surf bicycle rack may seem like very basic accessory. However, there are a number of different considerations to make when buying one. With the range of surfboard bike racks being so broad, it's important to know what to look out for. Here are a few key things look out for when searching for the best surfboard bike rack.

Type of surfboard bike rack

The first thing to consider when buying a surf bicycle rack is the style of carrier you want. These racks come in three different types, namely, rear-mounted, side-mounted, and trailer-mounted. The one you ultimately choose will depend on your bike and the size of your surfboard. 

The most common type of surf bike rack is side-mounted. These racks are simple to install and easy to use. They are the ideal choice for just about any surfboard and can fit onto practically any bike.

Rear-mounted racks allow for slightly better performance on your bike. This is because the weight of the board will be better centered on your bike as the board is mounted vertically.

This style of surfing bike rack works best for shortboards, as a longboard will be too long tall to mount vertically without it tipping over.If you own a really large board, like a SUP or heavy log, then a trailer-mounted system is preferable.

These racks make steering a little bit more difficult as your bike will extend quite a bit further out at the rear. However, they make carrying a heavy load the easiest.

Type of surfboard

Before choosing a bike rack, you will need to ensure that it's the right fit for your board. Certain sized boards can only be used with certain surf bike racks, so this is a very important consideration.

There are bike racks available for shortboards, longboards, and SUPs. Be sure to check your board’s dimensions first to make sure that it is suitable for the bike rack. The surfing bike rack we sell here at Surf Gear Lab for example is only suitable for boards under 8ft long.

The type of bike

Surfing bike racks suit certain types of bikes better than others. Beach cruisers and mountain bikes tend to be better suited than road bikes with drop down handle bars. This is because these bikes are heavier and can handle additional weight on one side of the bike. The rack we sell here at Surf Gear Lab is a perfect beach cruiser bike rack.


The type of materials used is an important selling point. You will want a rack that is robust and durable, but at the same time lightweight and easy to manage.It should also be constructed from materials that are resistant to degradation and rust caused by the damp ocean air.

The kind of materials will also determine how your board is protected. Make sure that the surfboard placement area is sufficiently padded, while the part that attaches to your bike does not cause any damage.

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Installation and compatibility

Some surf bike racks can be attached on without any hassle. Others require a more permanent installation job. Not all surf bike racks are congruent with every bicycle, so you will need to make sure that the one you purchase is compatible with your bike.

Look at the images of the product listing and read the product description to discern how the rack is installed, and whether the connection points will fit your particular type of bike. 


Why should you buy a surfing bike rack

There are many perks to riding to the beach instead of driving down. Cycling to the beach proves to be a perfect warm up for your surf sessions, its carbon neutral and it’s also just loads of fun. Another big benefit is that you won't have to try and find parking, which can be a challenge at more mainstream surf spots.

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to cycle down to your surf break then you will require a means of transporting your surfboard safely. A surfing bike rack is designed to securely hold your board while you ride. Surf bike racks follow a similar concept to rood racks on a car, except that loading and unloading the surfboard is simpler.

Of course some folks still choose to carry their surfboard whilst cycling. However a surfboard bike rack enables you fully focus on the road ahead without worrying about staying balanced whilst carrying a surfboard. 

Although a surf bicycle rack is a relatively simple piece of equipment, it can drastically help improve your safety while riding on the roads. Any surfer who cycles to their local break should seriously consider buying one if they do not already have one.

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Is a surfing bike rack necessary?

Cycling without one can be very difficult and strenuous. It is can also be dangerous as you could lose your balance while carrying your board on your bike and crash. A surfboard bike rack is a good investment for anyone looking to carry their surfboard safely on their bike.

Are surfboard racks for bikes only made from aluminum?

The majority of them are, yes. This is because aluminum has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is also incredibly durable and hard wearing.

Are surf bike racks easy to install?

It really depends on which type of bike rack you buy. The surfboard bike rack we sell here is very easy to install as it seamlessly attaches to the seat post of your bike.

Is a surf bicycle rack easy to ride with?

Yes. They have been specifically designed to fit on your bike without causing any discomfort or hindrance to your cycling. Side-mounted racks protrude out far enough so that your pedal stroke is not in any way effected.

Do surfboard racks for bikes last a long time?

As long as one looks after them and doesn't leave them outside to be exposed to the elements when not in use, then yes. Surf bicycle ranks are designed to withstand the harshness of corrosive sea air. However, like anything exposed to sea air for a protracted period of time, rust may eventually form in places.


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