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Surfboard Sock

Best surfboard sock

A surfboard the lasts the longest is one that's covered by a surfboard sock. Most surfboards are damaged from UV light or get dinged when they're out of the water. This high-quality, woven fabric surfboard sock will protect both your board and your car from getting wax on it. 

It comes in 3 different sizes and because of its stretchy fabric these socks will fit the full range of surfboard sizes from 5ft shortboards all the way up to 19ft longboards.  

The reinforced nose protects of the highest contact point of your board. The drawstring allows for seamless opening and closing of the surfboard sock. No need to take off your fins.

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What is a surfboard sock

It is a cloth covering for your surfboard. It's designed to protect your surfboard from dings and damage caused by the sun's UV rays.


Types of surfboard socks

The only major difference with surfboard socks is the shape of the nose. Surfboard socks geared for shortboards will have a pointed nose and longboard socks will have a rounded nose.


Sizing a surfboard sock

This is not too much of a challenge as the fabric that surfboard socks are made from are highly elastic, providing a greta amount of stretch. We'd recommend going a 2-3 inches longer on your surfboard sock as it makes it easier to managing putting it on and taking it off.


What problems does a surfboard sock solve?

There are a whole host of simple challenges that a surfboard sock helps overcome. Below we have outlined the main ones.

Transporting your surfboard in your car

There is always going to be some level of wax transferred from your board to your car's interior. A surfboard sock will prevent this from happening.

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On the beach

When chilling on the beach before or after your surf, you'll want to make sure your surfboard doesn't get any sand sticking to the wax. A lot of surfers just stick their surfboard in the sand nose first which works. However, if it's a windy day the only way to stop getting sand on your board is with a surfboard sock

Storing your board

Whether you choose to store your surfboard indoors or outside, it's going to be exposed to the sun's UV rays, unless you store it in a dark room away from the sun. Over time, the suns UV rays will damage and discolor your surfboard. A surfboard sock will prevent any UV damage from occurring. 


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