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Round Beach Towel

Stand out from the crowd with this unique round beach towel. It comes in a wide array of cool designs. It measures 150cm in diameter and comprises of microfiber material.

Round Beach Towel

A round beach towel is a very alternate choice to the standard rectangular beach towel. These towels are usually quite a lot larger than traditional beach towels. Besides looking really cool, they offer a nice circular base on which to relax.

Round beach towels are perfect to use as picnic blankets and are of course very effective at drying you off after a swim. Many round beach towels have beautiful designs and prints on them adding a certain flair to your day at the beach.

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What to look for when buying a round beach towel

There many kinds of different finishes, materials, textures to choose from. The best round beach towels should be soft, efficient at drying, sand-free, and easy to use. Below are some important aspects to consider before buying a round beach towel.


Round beach towels tend to be larger than rectangular ones. This makes them great when it comes to water absorbency and comfort. However, one should be aware that these towels will not pack down as much as traditional beach towel or beach blanket.

Fiber Content

The fiber content of a round beach towel is what gives it its soft feel. Most beach towels are made up of 100% cotton terrycloth. This has a good level of softness and absorbency.

You do get other options though, including microfiber towels like the one above. Microfiber towels are smoother, faster-drying, and don't collect sand making them a popular choice with beachgoers these days.

Sand Resistance

Nobody wants to dry their wet body with a sandy towel? Microfiber towels thankfully repel sand, making the drying experience an enjoyable one.


Some people use their towels for chilling on at the beach or even in a park. Others just want a towel for drying off after a surf or swim. If the latter is what is most important to you then a microfiber towel is going to best suit these needs. Microfiber  offer superior water absorbency.

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What is the difference between a bath and a beach towel?

Bath towels are generally a bit smaller and thicker. Beach towels are thinner for quicker drying, larger for lying on, and more durable for use in the outdoors.

What is the size of an average round beach towel?

Round beach towels vary in size and shape, but the regular round beach towel is about 150cm in diameter. They are larger than your average beach towel.

What material is best for beach towels?

Cotton is the most common material for beach towels as it is more absorbent than polyester. However, microfiber is fast becoming the "best-in-class" material for beach towels as it doesn't gather sand and it highly water absorbent.

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