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Beach Bag

The best beach bag

This highly durable beach bag is perfect for family picnics or just a short trip to the beach. The PVC material makes it both waterproof and resistant to damage from sand.


What is a beach bag?

Beach bags are specifically designed to store a range of different beach items. Generally, a beach bag has one main compartment to just throw in snacks, towels, magazines, and other accessories. This compartment is usually open at the top for easy access.

An important feature of a beach bag is that it is properly designed for the beach. The bags should be strong durable. This means that it should be able to cope with both sand and salt water. Ideally the material should have a level of water repellency. 

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Types of beach bags

There are many different bags out there that are suitable for use on the beach. Proper beach bags have specific features making your time on the beach an enjoyable one.

Some bags have a single compartment, while others have many compartments and pouches. Some are open, some are zippered and some make use of velcro. Some bags can be slung over the shoulder, while others are simply carried with handles.


What to consider when buying a beach bag

There are many things to consider before buying a beach bag. Here are some of the key considerations.


A good beach bag will need to be made from material that is durable, water and sand-resistant. Some bags (like our bag) have a perforated or mesh material which has many practical advantages on the beach. Be sure to choose a material that looks good but is also geared to withstand the elements of an ocean environment.


Beach bags should be quite large, as they may need to hold a number of towels, a picnic blanketsun cream, food and drink. Larger bags allow you to pack more, but they are more difficult to carry. Consider your size requirements and also take a look at how the bag can fold down for storing it when not in use.

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While a beach bag is a practical item, it should also be an extension of your personal style. Some bags are plan in color while others have more funky designs. Be sure to choose one that fits your personal taste.


Some beach bags just have a single compartment, and others have multiple compartments of different sizes. Depending on your preference, both types can be useful. Try to find a bag with a small compartment, ideally zippered, for storing valuable like your keys and money.



What are beach bags made from?

They are most commonly made from straw, canvas, nylon, or polyester. Ideally, you want a material that is hard wearing, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

How big is a beach bag?

Beach bags come in many different sizes. They can be oversized totes bags, large family-sized bags, or just a simple small bag. A good-sized beach bag is generally around 40L.

What can you put into a beach bag?

When packing a beach bag, you can include swimming costumes, surf ponchos, clothes, towels, sunglasses, beach mats, sunblock, food and drinks, and any other entertainment you need.


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