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Surf Changing Mat

Best surf changing mat

Slip off your wetsuit. Drop it into the bag. Close it up with the drawstring. And you're good to go. This large, premium-grade wetsuit changing mat will solve all of your sand and dirt problems. 

It measures at 90cm in diameter. Made from Oxford cloth, it's waterproof, durable and compact. Ideal for surfers, swimmers, triathletes, diver, kayakers and any other water sports enthusiasts.


What is a wetsuit changing mat?

A wetsuit changing mat is a circular piece of material with a drawstring running along the diameter. It is used by beachgoers and water people to seamlessly take their wetsuit off after a session in the water. It used to keep water, sand and other debris from getting in your car or home.

surf change mat

What to look for when buying a surf changing mat

There are a number of criteria to consider when buying a surf changing mat.


Surf changing mats come in different sizes starting at 50cm in diameter going up to 120cm in diameter. The size you choose will depend on your own body size. The most popular size for a wetsuit changing mat is 90cm in diameter.


The quality of the material is also important. Most good changing mats are either made from oxford cloth or PVC.


An essential attribute of course is that the wetsuit changing mat is waterproof. It needs to be able to keep both water and sand inside it.

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The history of surf changing mats

People have been using wetsuit changing mats for absolute ages. An old piece of carpet, a thick piece of black plastic or even a few banana leaves. We've seen it all.

In recent years surf companies began to design changing mats which not only looked cool, but could also team up as a carrier for you wetsuit. This is how we arrived at our surf changing mat which has a drawstring which enables you to seamlessly close the mat up and sling it over your shoulder.


Why should I buy a surf changing mat?

They are very handy accessories when it comes to keeping your car or home clean or salter water and sand. They enable you to easily package up your wetsuit at the beach and transport it to a place where it can be washed.

What size surf changing mat should I purchase?

It really depends on your preference and budget. The most common size is a 90cm diameter mat, and this size is optimal for it purpose.

Are surf changing mats waterproof?

Yes. All good good surf changing mats should be waterproof, otherwise it defeats their primary purpose.

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